Lucy Ringold


They sat each day in the shady glen
Just the two of them
On a quilt she had sewn
Close to the tomb of their sweet Adele
A white rose placed with love
From a garden he had grown.
Birds chirped
The wind fanned the branches
No word was spoken
And in this silence
Loving memories ensued.
They were tired
And soon rested for eternity by Adele.
I stop by now and then.
Nothing changes in the glen.
I find comfort there
And place three roses
One for each of them.
I love you yet!

Lucy Ringold, 81, of Des Moines, is a retired teacher. She won with a sentimental poem which, unlike most winners in her genre, is free verse rather than traditional metered, rhyme. We share the love for her grandparents which is fanned into flame as she remembers stopping by their resting places and putting roses on their graves. Lucy’s sign is Libra.