Emery L. Campbell


I bend; the stresses, vengeful Huns,
they sunder seam—my trousers split,
revealing bare rear bumper buns;
I blush all reddish over it.

Six Girl Scouts squeal, their leader swoons:
how could the Fates be so unkind?
It’s eventide; a pallid moon’s
highlighting my exposed behind.

Retreat’s in order, back away.
Oh no! They’re dialing 911.
If cops come there’ll be hell to pay
before this episode is done.

The moral: let the penny lie.
Do not be tempted; pass on by.

Emery L. Campbell, 83, of Lawrenceville, GA, is a former National Senior Poet Laureate, a title he won in 1999, and he now repeats as state SPL for Georgia in 2010. A widely published award winner, his latest book that came out in late 2010 under the title “Selected Fables and Poems in Translations” includes original French texts and English translations of works by La Fontaine, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, and Verlaine. He authored another book in 2005 titled “This Gardener’s Impossible Dream” comprising a collection of his poems and translations from the French. He is a literary Leo.