Gary D. Swaim


He gathers her from a metal
chair, cradles her cautiously
in his arms. They dance.

Jobim and Gilberto
know nothing of MS, nor tonight
does she as, with closed eyes buried
deeply in his chest, her mind moves
to slow, complicated rhythms
of the bossa nova while limp legs trail
marionette-like along the polished floor.

Gary D. Swaim      
Irving, Texas      

Gary D. Swaim, Ph.D., 75, of Irving, Texas is a nationally published poet, playwright and writer of short fiction who is serving as adjunct faculty, Master of Liberal Studies Program, S.M.U. and lecturer, Arts & Humanities, University of Texas, Dallas. He is originally from San Bernardino, California. He paints, draws and plays keyboard. He has two sons and four grandchildren.