Linda Ruhle


Scientists have discovered mice
not only efficiently reproduce,

but sing to one another while
courting, and love songs, at that!

They open their little mouths
and tiny mating trills fill

the air with the sound of music,
even on the minutest scale.

Itís a bit breathtaking,
one can hardly disagree.

And not only that! I can
now download on my computer

these very same mice songs,
and love songs, at that.

The universe fills one
with the wonder of maestro mice.

How can one doubt the benevolence
of such a universe

as one given to love songs
on this tiny scale.

We will probably one day discover
they even have little schools,

and that they take lessons
in singing, tap, and ballet.

Linda Ruhle      
Worland, Wyoming      

Linda Ruhle, 63, of Worland, Wyoming grew up in the redwood forest of Northern California, raised two sons in Los Angeles, then realized her Wyoming country-living dream in 1996. She is a fulltime administrative assistant who writes prolifically. Her prose includes a childrenís novella, memoir on self-healing, a novel and mountain of journals, plus 700 poems. We welcome her to SPL. Her sign is Gemini.