Sheila B. Roark


As the sun slowly rises this morning
starting another new day,
I go out and sit in the garden
and feel all my cares drift away.

I hear the sweet singing of song birds
that float lightly on the cool air,
along with the rustle of green leaves
that sounds like a soft whispered prayer.

I watch as the flowers awaken
roused by the light of the sun,
opening petals of velvet
knowing a new day’s begun.

As I sit in the garden I marvel
at the beauty surrounding me there,
as I listen to songs of the song birds
that float on the soothing cool air.

Sheila B. Roark      
Euless, Texas

Sheila B. Roark, 63, of Euless, Texas has supported SPL since its inception nearly twenty years ago. She is a widely published poet with hundreds of awards to her credit. She is profiled in three Who’s Who books. Besides her fulltime occupation as a writer, activities include crossword puzzles, reading, bowling and French cooking. She has three daughters and two granddaughters. Her sign is Sagittarius.