Carol Bessent Hayman


There will not be another day or year
or time, cupped in eternity, to match
this time: love’s dreaming realized,
which flowers to memory that we may know it still
when God has turned the pages to disclose
the warm, sweet rains, the storms, the tender skies
of life together. These things will distill
youth’s wilder urge leaving age-mellowed gold,
warm hearths that sing, and clocks
still giving hours too beautiful to hold.

Carol Bessent Hayman      
Beaufort, North Carolina

Carol Bessent Hayman, 83, of Beaufort, North Carolina is a retired teacher who continues to write a bi-weekly column “On the Porch” for Carteret County News-Times. She was appointed Poet Laureate of Beaufort by the mayor in 1988 and Poet Laureate of Carteret County by the Carteret County Board of Commissioners in 1993. She has two children, two grandsons, and two great granddaughters. Her sign is Gemini.