Thomas Furby


Pedaling around Walnut Creek, my wife and I.
Geese and goslings, a turtle sunning itself on a log,
a bunny takes a single hop into deeper grass.
We crest a curve and there he is…my dad…
sitting next to the picnic table
with his unmistakable gray hair and
straw hat.
Instinctively I smile and call out.
But then I stop mid-syllable,
remembering that he passed away last month.

Thomas Furby      
Papillion, Nebraska

Thomas Furby, 61, of Papillion, Nebraska is the principal of a junior high school. We are pleased to make his acquaintance and welcome him as a new member of our circle of senior poets who have won the SPL and Honor Scroll Awards in this year’s competition. We know he writes poetry, but he didn’t tell us his other literary interests or hobbies. His astrological sign of the zodiac is Leo.