Velvet Fackeldey


He loves her with his heart and soul and life
But she can’t breathe with such devotion deep.
She needs to be her own, her life alone
At no one’s beck and call, not one demand.
He wants an answer, wants a love like his,
Profound, intense, exquisite and so strong
That there could never be the slightest doubt
Of who her life is dedicated to.
But she has no desire to be hemmed in,
To lose her life to his demands of love.
She wants her freedom to pursue her dreams
With no responsibility for him.
She breaks his heart, tells him to go away
Knowing that the future holds a night
When she will be alone and wish him there.

Velvet Fackeldey      
Lebanon, Missouri

Velvet Fackeldey, 64, of Lebanon, Missouri lists her occupation as “various secretarial duties.” She is a recent past-president of the Missouri State Poetry Society branch of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and frequent winner of awards in contests. Fellow poets who know her in Missouri are charmed by her combination of wit and leadership ability, as well as writing talent. Her sign is Taurus.