John W. Crawford


Just off Highway 71 a small, sleepy village lies
where a greenhorn lad spent summer bright
lying on the carpet grass
looking up on starry nights
at twinkling worlds and distant sights
dreaming of a land beyond
where boys were men and fought new fights
with sting-ray guns and icy looks
like those in Marvel comic books.

Or sometimes in the late of day
when no more work allowed great play
that lad would go with nearby friends
to their own Sherwood Forest green
with its own bush and its own glen
and central tree with tree house high
reaching upward to the sky
and relive days of Robin Hood and his great band
of faithful, trusty loyal men.

He knows he cannot go today
but in his mind he sails away
on unplowed waves, in unmapped skies,
and knows that someday he will fly
to lands unknown and unwashed shores
and fight those fights he dreamed once more.

John W. Crawford     
Arkadelphia, Arkansas     

John W. Crawford, 73, of Arkadelphia, Arkansas is professor emeritus, Henderson State University. An amateur actor and musician, he volunteers as entertainer at three rest homes in Hot Springs. He has won many poetry awards. He gave a presentation at the 2010 National Federation of State Poetry Societies Convention in Memphis on the history of poetry as music, a combo of lecture, piano and singing. His sign is Virgo.