Hillary Bartholomew


Your voice rang free,
the song of the wolf
when the great herds roamed the prairies
and the cougar prowled, unmolested, in the forests,
when the elk and the bear called the land their home
generations before the blue eyes stole your birthright
and called you killers in your own domain.

I hear the echoes of your song, joyous
in the days before the iron horse spit fire across the plains;
and buffalo dropped where they grazed for the sport of Anglos,
that killed for pleasure, not food,
feasting on death for its own sake.

I hear your song of the days
when the Great Spirit guided your footfalls
to the lairs of beaver, otter, rabbit and deer,
beautiful in the virgin woodlands
where you made your home.
Little sisters of the wind
your voices now are few and faint;
sorrow fills your song as you wander in diminishing numbers
through the last strongholds of freedom,
away from the greed of man
where your whelps can grow sleek and safe.

Little sisters of the wind
my song joins with yours.
Together we cry from the moonswept mesas,
the midnight snowfields, seeking those promised tomorrows
where once more you can live in peace,
free from the fear of man, re-inherit the land
bequeathed to you by the Great Spirit
for your kind for all time.

Little sisters of the wind;
I wait with you.

Hillary Bartholomew    
Miami, Florida

Hillary Bartholomew, 70, of Miami, Florida is the pen name of a newcomer to the SPL contest. She is a semi-retired teacher of English as a Second Language in the Dade County School System. She also works part-time as a waitress. A widely published poet, she enjoys traveling, archaeology, Indian and Egyptian mythology and her pet bulldog. She has two daughters. Her sun sign is Aries.