Golden Pen Award
(In Memoriam)
WALTER D. KING (1922--2005)


So now it’s spring!
And we may walk once more and dream--
Dream we’re together and I hold your hand,
Absorbed in the beauty of a twilight land.
As one we look up, and there is our star--
For wishing upon--so near, yet so far.
But dreams shared are dreams that are real,
Reality found only in the love that we feel.
Though barriers are strong and we’re apart,
We’ve been together almost from the start.
Our dream the reality that we share--
And the star reminds us, we care, we care!

Walter Darmon King, Springfield, Missouri, was a retired university acquisitions librarian and resident poet at his retirement community. Known as “The Montclair Sage,” he was winner of the 1995 National Senior Poet Laureate Award. His is one of three love poems selected in honor of deceased senior poets laureate.