Golden Pen Award


My love, my heart can cup no more for you,
      your form now bent with age,
      your words, street wise yet sage.
Your tales, at dusk, you told the night before.
Endearing yarns, enduring bits of lore
all circumvent your cryptic boyhood brew.
My mate, my heart can hold no more of you.

Long have I listened. Learned how to entrap,
      each topic's murmured phrase,
      embellished through the haze
and entertained our children's spawn with tales
you told to them as you helped them set sails
in foggy mist when life held not a map
as clear as stories heard upon your lap.

Yvonne Nunn, 75, of Hermleigh, Texas, who lists herself as a retired house wife "but still a house wife," is dean of the Cyber College of Online Poetry. A past Texas Senior Poet Laureate and two-time administrator of the Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition, she is well known for her international class of award-winning Bardlets. Hers is one of three love poems honored with 2010 Golden Pen Awards for living poets. Her sign is Leo.