Golden Pen Award


You haven't seen where I live now. . .
I moved after you went away.
I wish you could walk through this space with me
and see how I spend my day.

My coffee pot makes one cup at a time,
and there's always left-over food.
I haven't learned how to cook for just one,
and I don't think that I ever could.

There's only one chair at the table,
one pillow in use on my bed;
only my name is printed on the mailbox,
and I'm not looking very far ahead.

You've never seen the car I drive,
nor met the new friends I've made.
And I've aged a bit, my energy's gone,
and my youthful nature's beginning to fade.

No, you haven't seen where I live now;
you and I never shared this space.
But I am aware as the years roll by. . .
some day I'll be sharing your place.

Marilyn Camden Norton, 79, a widow from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, was a school teacher for 32 years. After retirement she joined Roundtable Poets of Hot Springs and her fame as an award-winning poet began to spread. Her love poem is one of three by living poets awarded the Golden Pen Living Poet award this year. Her sun sign is Scorpio.