Honorary Golden Pen
International Diploemat Award


Here in the meadow, singing rivers woo
our hearts, but soon we bear the weight of noon
and bodies moistened by the sun's tattoo
on yellow skin and souls, could likely swoon.
We dream to hide away, some dark saloon,
or lazy bed, avoiding blinding day
for grass repels us, trees cease to commune;
we sign, if only we'd stayed home today.

Out jogging with our friends, we pass the zoo
and think to stop and see their new baboon
or maybe greet a lion or kangaroo,
but spend the day there till we sight the moon.
Worn out, we rest nearby a cool lagoon;
so much for our brief physical display,
it's more fun watching movies or cartoons.
We sigh, if only we'd stayed home today.

On Sunday, we may chat and share our news
with family or friends across the dune;
but Jane falls sick and poor May has the blues,
which leave us few to gossip, rant and croon;
foot soldiers in an all-female platoon.
So off to town's boutiques then some cafe,
to share our tales which each may yet lampoon.
We sigh, if only we'd stayed home today!

Prince, listener, with grace put down your spoon;
hear this, come swear, well not roam far away
from home, our paradise and safe cocoon.
We sigh, if only wed stayed home today!

Agatha Lai, 67, of Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia is a retired school teacher who has served as international diploet--meaning poetic diplomat--since 2005. She is a Bardlet in the class of award-winning international poets in the Cyber College of Online Poetry, of which Yvonne Nunn is dean. As an honorary member of the team, Aggie has participated as a judge in past SPL contests. She enjoys line dancing. She has three children and eight grandchildren. Her sun sign is Gemini.